Sell MCH Heater(Alumina ceramics heater)

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The Alumina Heaters is produced by implementing unique metallizing and ceramic laminating process. It can be made compact and lightweight. Due to the advanced manufacturing techniques in the electric element, the Alumina Heater can provide higher reliability than ever before.
It is widely applied in straightener, automobile, electronic medical and family apparatus. An Alumina ceramics Heater has not harmful elements and is accord to ROHS.
Products Specification
(mm) 70W7W1.2, 70W10W1.2 , 70W15W1.2, 70W20W1.2, 70W30W1.2
Rated Voltage 110V~220V
Resistance (23110) 30~60(Ohms) , 60~90(Ohms) , 90~140(Ohms) , 140~180(Ohms) , 180~220(Ohms)
Operational Temperature 100-3000, Maximun Operational Temperature 5000
Insulation Resistance 1W106(Ohms)
Electric Strength 3750VAC/0.5mA/1s
Lead Strength 3kg
Lead #0.5W70 mm