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MD3006 metal detector Art. No.005
MD3006 metal detector

This kind of metal detector is manufactured with advanced technology. It has such good characteristics as accurate orientation, good discrimination ability, easy operation, etc. The metal detector is mainly used to detect and discriminate metal objects which are underground. It is widely used in such fields as safe-exam; ancient relics investigation, mine detection, industrial product exam and relics seek. It is a detecting instrument easy to operate and carry.


Mode: MD-3006
Power: B1: 2pcs 9V B2; 9V
Working frequency: 15KHz 1 2.2KHz
Indicator: horizontal indicator
Function: detecting and discriminating metals
Control: sound control
discrimination control
adjustion control
on-off control
Sensitivity: it can reach a depth of 16cm for a 25 cent coin
Working current: B1(18V) : 30mA B2(9V) : 35mA
Working vlotage: B1: 12-24.5V B2: 6-11.5V
3 audio: 400Hz 1 60Hz;700Hz 1105Hz;1500Hz1225Hz
Size: 920-1210mm(L) W200mm(W) W185mm(H)
Color: Black