Sell MDC-D metal detector

MDC-D metal detector
1. Based on High speed 32bit CPU control circuit.
2. LCD with Touch Screen, Easy to operation.
3. Multi-Functional OS and dual-language.
4. DSP Technology and digital signal filter.
5.100 products memory.
6.1000 detection logs.
7. Multiple setup for peripheral connectiion.
8. Frequency optional.
9. Printer connection and signal analyze software.
10. Separated DSP module and control unit.
11. Automatical rejection module.
12. Multi-functional stainless steel frame.
Designed for food industrial and Pharmaceutical industrial use.
Also can fit for detecting the chemical products, rubber products.
Theory: Balanced Coil
Adjustment: Auto and Manual
Alarm: Buzzer & Lamp
Conveyor Speed: 18-32m/min
Power: AC110V/220V 50-60HZ
Rated output: Appr.200W
Height Detection Sensibility
400mm*100mm Fe"0.7mm SUS"1.2mm
400mm*120mm Fe"0.8mm SUS"1.5mm
400mm*150mm Fe"1.0mm SUS"1.8mm
400mm*200mm Fe"1.5mm SUS"2.5mm