Sell MDO-240  8E1 PDH Multiplexer

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MDO-240 series PDH (Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy) which was used in exchanger for long distance transmission, and platform of mobile telecommunication, pager transmission station ect. , which was used in mini-medium column and point to point products with fiber supporting, the equipment adopted powerful function and expert digital repeating-connection chips which integrated all digital and logical function in the equipment so that improved the performance and reduced the cost of products, the completed-equipment with good performance, stable operation, low loss, strong integration capacity, small bulk, easy installation and maintenance.

 Favorable optic/electric specification provided by integral optic reception/transmission module
 Offering 8E1 (2.048Mbps) interfaces
 E1 Line code: compliant to G.703, E1 interface adopt digital phase locked and clock extracted technique
 An official phone interface is optional, not occupy E1 channel
 Offering an asynchronous data-transmitting RS232 interface and a management RS232 interface
 Perfect alarm function display remote status
 up to 120Km distance without repeater
 Complete alarming function
 Single-board architecture design
1, E1 Port
Data rate: N*64Kbps, N=(1~31)
Line code: HDB3
Impedance: 75(Ohms) ( BNC) /120(Ohms) (balance) auto-negotiation
Electric characteristic: comply with ITU-T G.703 standard
Connector: BNC (75(Ohms) ) , RJ-45 (120(Ohms) )
Jittering: comply with G.742 and G. 823 standard
Frame format: frame, comply with G.704 standard
2, V.35 port
Data rate: N*64Kbps, N=(1~31)
Interface Mode: DCE male
Interface connector: DB25 connector, DCE or DTE are selectable
Electric characteristic: comply with ITU-T V.35 standard
3, Timing mode: Line clock and Internal oscillator of G.703
4, Power supply Voltage: -48VDC or 220VAC120%
5, Environment Working temperature: 00C~500C
6, Size: Standalone:440mm(W) W150mm(L) W40mm(H)
Rack Mount:483mm(W) W250mm(L) W270mm(H)