Sell MDT-M078 MP3 Player

MDT-M078 MP3 Player
Product Description:
MDT-M078 Built in 64M/128M/256M flash memory lithium battery keeping use for 8 hours high quality recordigh for 4.5 hours(64) background light delete files without pc connection usb disk:up and download any files.
1.Memory Size: 64MB,128MB or 256MB flash memory
2.Electronics Disk:Mobile storage support
3.Dimensions: 55mm (W) x 78mm (H) x 11mm (D),blue back-light
4.Equalizer Mode:5 different modes (Jazz / Classic / Rock / POP / Normal)
5.Music Format:MP3 or WMA
6.Volume: 32 step volume adjustment
7.Color: Black,blue
8.Frequency response range: 20Hz - 20KHz
9.Combined headphone and strap
10.Power Requirements: LI-ion battery
11.Outputs Power: 30mW, 60mW
12.S/N: 95db
13.PC connection: USB Cable