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MDT-M088 MP3 Player was designed and manufactured by our company. The design of this product is fashionable, and the USB connection is rotatable, and you will find that it will be the most cool product on the market. MDT-M088 supports long time recording, the lyrics will be displyed while playing. It supports 7 music modes and it is compatible with WMA; mdt-m008 uses a rechargeable battery, it can play more than 8 hours at a time, there is a hi-fi earphone come with this product. With mdt-m008, you can enjoy the magic of the music.
1. Style current design with rotary USB the connector.
2. It can be used as a removable disk for storing all types of computer data
3. Real- time recorder and capable of storing over 99 recorded data
4. A-B record, three kinds of recording modes are optional: repeat single and segments.
5. To display the song lyrics, and The lyrics easily record the one step toes.
6. 16Series code volume control
7. Support MP3/WMA format
8. ualizer modes: Natural, DBB, JAZZ, SOFT, CLASSIC, ROCK, POP

1. MDT-M088 MP3 Player
2. Battery: 1 AAA battery, can refresh the pond
3. Combined headphone and strap
4. 80mm CD-R Driver
5. Interface communication line of USB

System Requirement:
} USB Interface 1.1/2.0
} Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, Mac OS 9. x/X, Linux 2.4. x
} Surrport Windows 98 / Windows 98 second edition with device driver
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