Sell ME150 biodegradable master batch

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White or light yellow, good for plastic forming, not poisonous or stimulating
The master batch and resin are nicely compatible when mixed, stable and easy to forming, easy to operate, having good mobility. This kind of products have biodegradable functions. Naturally it can gradually be out of weight and has good decomposition ability. Eventually they can be absorbed in the environment.
How to use
Following the certain proportion and mixed with the plastic raw materials, it can be easily used. The processing temperature should be appropriately regulated according to the product types and models of the machine.
Suitable for the filling of film products like: food soft package, shopping bags in shopping malls, garbage bags, industrial packaging bags and etc.
In the use of this biodegradable master batch, temperature is an important element to control the appearance and quality. The master batch may be burnt in high temperature, so the temperature should be regulated according to the condition of membrane blower in the course of membrane blowing. In the same mainframe rotational speed, adding biodegradable master batch will reduce the overall systemic mobility, so the rolling speed should be lowered properly.
Terms of Payment
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