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With Holley Group as its largest shareholder, Hangzhou Beta Gas Meter Co., Ltd. is a modern professional gas meter manufacturer in China, who is invested by both Chinese and foreign investors. Hangzhou Bets owns abundant funds and technological strength. In the company, there are a number of skilled and experienced engineering and management experts who specialize in product design, technology, production, quality control and marketing, etc. respectively. The main products include domestic gas meters: Mechanical Gas meters (G1, G1.6, , G1.6(S), G2.5(S), G4(S), G1A, G1.6A, G2.5A, G4A), Intelligent integrative prepaid gas meters (ZG1.6(S), ZG2.5(S), ZG4(S), ZG1A, ZG1.6A, ZG2.5A, ZG4A) and pulse REMOTE READING gas meter (PG1, PG1.6, PG1.6(S), PG2.5(S), PG4(S), PG1A, PG1.6A, PG2.5A, PG4A, divided into 6 series and 25 models; and the commercial and industrial gas meters G6, G10, G16, G25, G40, G65 and G100 (include mechanical and prepaid gas meters). With the advanced technology from Japan, France and Italy, the meters, developed and designed by Sino-foreign technical experts, can fully meet the market requirement at home and abroad. The product quality and their parameters fully meet and satisfy the specifications and requirement of China national GB/T6968-1997 and International OIML R31-1995. Hangzhou beta gas meter co., ltd. has four advanced automatic production assembly lines, with up-to-date technology for its gas meter production and the specialized automatic and precision electronic detecting instruments for his product testing, so the product quality is completely guaranteed by these advanced facilities. Now the company has the one million productive capabilities per year.

"Hangzhou Beta" Gas Meters have the features of compact size, beautiful appearance, high sensitivity, accurate measurement, good stability, strong reliability, high-pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, longer service life and easier maintenance. They are suitable for accurate measuring the flow rate mediums of liquefied petroleum gas,natural gas and town gas, etc. from 0.016m3/h to 6m3/h respectively. Among the above gas meters, the intelligent integrative gas meters have really realized the integration of machinery and electron, besides the basic prepaid function and mechanical counters, they also have LCD to inform the consumers the inner information of the intelligent gas meter. Gas Companies can realize and provide the automatic management for their consumers.

Hangzhou beta gas meter co., ltd. acquired DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality management System Certificate (Certificate registration No. 12 1001 13235 TMS) issued by the Certification Body of T|V management Service GmbH (Germany) in November 2000 and the new repeat audit and new Certificate (Certificate registration No. same) in 2003.

Hangzhou beta gas meter co., ltd. is also the first company in China that has acquired the Certificate for Product Conformity ((Certificate No. 011ND-IC1009) of the International OIML R31 Standard issued by the famous international Bureau Veritas organization in December 2001.

Hangzhou beta gas meter co., ltd. was ranked the first one among the "Better product quality manufacturers" in the China national wide gas meter quality random examination and inspection held by China State General Bureau of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine in the third quarter of 2001.

Hangzhou beta gas meter co., ltd. is the first one to export the intelligent integrative prepaid gas meter (Smart card gas meter) to international market.

Situated at the lakefront of the beautiful West Lake in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Beta enjoys the superior geographic position and humanistic environment. Amid all these local and international modern enterprises, what we can access are the brand new management philosophy and advanced technology. Our mission is "Apply the excellent equipment, meticulous design, scientific management, precise quality, wholehearted service to create the remarkable social and economic benefits." We will pay our wisdom and assiduousness to color the developing prospects of gas cause. We desire to cooperate with the friends of various circles to meet the glorious future together.
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