Sell MEGA FUEL SAVER (save fuel & LPG up to 20%)

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Mega Fuel Saver (MFS) is a breakthrough in the fuel saving technology. It has a microcomputer process system which outputs electric ions to activate fuel and stabilize the lubricating oil in the engine. It leads to the following great benefits:

1. Increases Engine Power up to 20%
2. Saves Fuel & LPG Consumption up to 20%
3. Significantly reduces exhaust emissions to meet international standard

Proven Results from Recognised Lab and Road Tests
The functions of MFS are money-back guaranteed!

The Leading Characteristics of MFS:
1. Innovative Multi-Functions
 Improve engine power
 Cleanse and protect the engine
 Decrease fuel & LPG consumption
 Reduce harmful exhaust for a cleaner environment
2. Wide Application Range
 Suitable for all forms of fuel, gasoline, diesel, natural gas and engines of automobile, train, steamer, generator of fuel type, etc.
3. Easy Installation
 No need to alter the electrical circuits or pipelines
4. Absolutely Safe and Reliable
 Very low electric current (DC12V)
 Free of magnetic field and high frequency
 CE Certificate Granted
5. Durable Lifespan
 One-off installation for 5 years lifespan
 Automatic microcomputer control and no need for daily maintenance

We believe MFS will become a must-have device for fuel & LPG types of vehicles in future. The market of MFS is very big and the profit will be enormous. We now invite interested parties to join our distributorship worldwide. Please contact us for more details.
Brand Name
Mega Fuel Saver
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
180 x 100 x 30 mm
Model Number