Sell MEO-101  E1 TO Optic Ethernet Procotol Converter

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MEO-101 is a high performance and self-learning long distance Ethernet bridge that could point-to-point transfer data from E1 channels to Rj-45 interfaces and 100Mbps fiber optic interface. It is compact in size and low in cost and suitable to cost effective bridging application. It could be used as an extension or divider to LANs with bit rate base structure. This equipment could continuously learn the MAC addresses among the connected LANs and decide to transmit or filter. It has a table containing up to 10,000 addresses and it could be automatically updated. The filtering and transmitting rate is up to 20,000 frames, and the buffer could contain 256 frames, the transfer delay is 1 frame. When used as a LAN extension or divider, it works under the modes either filtering or filtering prohibited. China has an extensive resource in E1 channels and so this product is widely used in network connection.

 high quality Ethernet bridge/extension
 Fully compatible with IEEE 802.3/Ethernet v.2
 Rate of percolation and transmission: 30,000 frame per second
 Buffer: 256 frame
 10,000 MAC address LAN table, and automatic LAN table learning and aging
 Supply WAN line interface of the E1 and ITU-T G.703 standard
 Transmission protocol of E1: HDLC
 WAN line data rate: 2.048M
 Line code: HDB3
 Timing mode is selectable: Internal oscillator (default) , Line clock derived from the receive signal
 Internal power supply
 RJ-45 connector: MDI/MDI-X auto-sensing
 Type: standalone

1, E1 Port
Jitter: comply with G.742 and G. 823 standard
Data rate: 64Kbps*N N=(1~31)
Electric characteristic: comply with ITU-T G.703 standard
Line code: HDB3
Frame format: frame
Interface impedance: 75(Ohms) (BNC) /120(Ohms) (BALANCE) Connector: BNC(75(Ohms) ) /RJ45 (120(Ohms) )
2, Ethernet port
Data rate: 10/100Mbps
Connector: RJ-45; fiber optic interface
Electric characteristic: comply with IEEE 802.3 standard
3, Size: EIA 19" 1U