Sell MFS self-clean air inlet Filters

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1) The equipment is controlled by the computer to make the air filtering components self-clean. The equipment runs normally without any effect to the filtering efficiency.
2) Three self-clean modules:(1) timing (2) fixing (3) hand-made.
3) High efficiency in dust-filtering even in the humble place.
4) Small lost in resistance. The resistance lost of small filters is less than 250Pa and large filters 600Pa( initializing state ) with the device displaying.
5) The large fitler is assembled by piling up, which asks for little space.
6) Installed conveniently. the outlet pipes can be connected at will without the effect of installing place.
7) Low power consumption, only 100-700W.
8) Air-compressed volume is 0.1-0.4m3/min(inhaling state) and the pressure is 0.6-0.7MPa.
9) Light weight, just 2/3 of the cloth-bag oil style.
10) Long using components, under the common circumstance, the components need to be replaced per 2 years.
11) As to specific request, our company can design non-standard products to meet needs.
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