Sell MFY-01 Leakage Tester

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This equipment employs compressed air, vacuum producer, and high accurate pressure sensor. Micro-computer controls it to realize the performances of fast vacuumizing, high accuracy and digital parameter setting. Pneumatic system elements are the best of the world.
1. Characteristics
. Vacuumize steadily and rapidly.
. Preset vacuum degrees and keeping time by digital system.
. Micro-computer control, test procedure is programming and mechanical.
. Employs the best elements, performance is steady.
. Considerate function, easy to use.

2. Principle
Inner-out pressure difference of the specimen immerged in the water, which formed by vacuumizing the test chamber, will cause the gas in the specimen to leak. It determines the sealing properties by observing the gas leakage.

3. Configuration
Transparent vacuum chamber, micro-computer integrated circuit board, vacuumizing system and so on.
Note: Users prepare air compressor.

4. Operation demo
Set vacuum degrees -- set keeping time -- start test -- stop to vacuumize -- extend the time automatically -- release vacuum automatically -- system return -- start new test
Note: Besides auto program, users can pause or stop the test freely.

5. Technical data
Vacuum degrees: 0~ -90kPa
Accuracy: 11% of force reading
Size of vacuum chamber: h270mm x 210(H) mm (can be made in order)
Gas resource pressure: <=0.7MPa (7kgf/cm2)
Dimension: 300(L) mm x 380(B) mm x 450(H) mm
Power: AC 220V 50Hz / 60Hz
Net weight: 12kg
6. Standard
ASTM D3078, GB/T 15171