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MHG-1000 Car Parking Sensor

Ultrasonic vehicle reversing safety device engineered with the highest technology and equipped with the most advanced features.
The system the driver total control when reversing. When the vehicle approaches too close to an object in the detection zone, an alarm sounds, increasing the intensity in proportional to distance from the object, and simultaneously displaying the direction and distance.

Displays Distance and Direction with Multilevel sound.
Different alarm sound & left or right in according to the position of the object.
Ultra high-performance sensors.
Easy Installation on any vehicle.
Specially Designed LED Display.
Scratchproof Sensors.

Detection: ultrasonic sensor
Input power: 12V or 24V free volts DC
Operating temperature: -200 ~ +650
Length of display cable: 6m(19.68FT)
Length of detector cable: 2.5m(8.2FT)
Length of power wire:
Control box size: 110mm x70mm x22mm
Display size: 130mm x 25mm x 22mm
Weight: 240 g