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(1) . Overview
Mineral Insulated Cable is often simplified as MI Cable, with a more familiar name of Magnesia Cable or Fire Cable in China.

Mineral insulated cable has a long history overseas. In late 19th century, Arnold Francois Borel, a Switzerland engineer, put forward such idea as mineral insulated cable and patented in 1896. From 1934 to 1936, France and England made a rapid progress after introducing such manufactures. Meanwhile, other industrialized countries such as Italy, Canada, Australia, the Soviet Union and Japan also began to produce mineral insulated cable. China also did some researches during 1960s, and proceeded with mass production in the end of 20th century.

(2) . Structure
A mineral isnsulated cable comprises the copper conductor, magnesium oxide insulated, a copper sheath. If necessary, there is outer plastic jacket outside copper sheath. It can be provided with an Halogen-free, low-smoke sheath in necessary occasions.

(3) . Merit
The MI cable is made of inorganic material, and has some characteristics superior to any other cables, such as fire proof, high current rating, high strength, halogen-free and poisonous less, explosion proof, water proof, high corrosion resistance, long life, safe, high overload, high operating temperature, low invest and little outside diameter etc.