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(1) . Fire Performance
The MI cable is made of inorganic material (copper and magnesium oxide) , it would neither cause fire nor burn and support combustion. It can keep normal operating even in fire close to melting point of copper because melting point of copper is 10830 and that of magnesium oxide is 28000, and pass categories C, W and Z of BS6387. So, it is virtually fire resistant.

(2) . High Current Rating
According to IEC60702, the continuous operating temperature of MI cable is 1050 because the actual operating temperature of MI cable can be up to 2500, which also takes end sealing material and safety into consideration. Even though, its current rating is far higher than that of other cables because magnesium oxide powder has better heat conductivity than plastic then has higher current rating at the same temperature. As for cross section above 16mm2, you can lower one section and you can lower two sections in areas human contact is forbidden.

(3) . Water Proof
Because continuous and seamless copper tube is introduced as sheath in MI cable and sealing mud used at the end is one high-tech product which can be immersed in water for long time, water is kept out completely. It is virtually water proof.

(4) . Explosion Proof
The MI cable is made up of seamless copper sheath, magnesia compacted tightly and copper conductor, and be formed a tight solid, so it can prevent the steam, gas and blaze into the electrical equipment connected with the cable. So it has the quality of explosion proof.

(5) . High Corrosion Resistance
The copper sheath of MI cables has the self-character of high corrosion resistance. Only in any area where would corrosive the copper, it must be covered a PVC outer sheath to prevent the corrosion.

(6) . Mechanical Damage Proof
Because copper sheath has good strength and toughness, and magnesium oxide is highly compacted during cable processing, relative position between cores and between core and sheath keeps constant when suffering bending, wafering, torsion etc. So there is no short-circuit and electric property can not be influenced.

(7) . Long Life
Because MI cable is made up of inorganic material without ageing, we can compute its life span according to oxide etch velocity of copper tube. It is reported that 0.25mm sheath will take 257 years to oxide etch under the condition of 2500. Also, the thickness of MI cable sheath is 0.34-1.05mm and operating temperature is under 2500, so MI cable has the quality of long life.

(8) . No Poison and Halogen-free
The MI cable is made of inorganic material (copper and magnesium oxide powder) . So it will not emit fume, halogen and toxic gas even during combustion at the temperature of 10000. It is virtually no poison and halogen-free cable.

(9) . High Overload
Because copper melting point is 10830 and magnesium oxide melting point is 28000, current rating of MI cable can be enhanced one section level comparing with general plastic cable with more overload. Its overload capacity is over 100 times of normal current ratings.

(10) . Reliable Earth
The continuous copper sheath of MI cables is a good ground protection conductor, can provide an excellent low resistance, and save one ground conductor.