Sell MID-BUS spray booth GAD-1200

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1. spray both body
Inside size 8.2*4*3.1m
External size 8.3X5.5X3.9
Front door 3 pieces, 3000*3100mm
Dimention of window 1200*500mm
Emergency door 1 piece, white,2000X800mm
Wall panel G=50mm, PE inside, steel sheet=0.326mm,
Height of base 350mm
Height of air room 500mm
Solid plate Three rows
Grids two rows, 25*5 for vehicle galvanized.
Ramp Two pieces of grids ramp,2100X630X350mm per piece
2. Generator
Generator frame Iron frame
3. Lighting system outside
Top light two side, 5 sets per side, 3*40w per set
4. Ventilation system
Power of intake blower 380V/50hz/3 phase, direct drive, ( 11 ) KW, ( 1 ) unit(s) , centrifugal blower, direct drive, triangle drive.
5. Heating system
Burner Riello G20, 200000 kcal/h