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A Universal Serial Bus (USB) flash drive is a portable memory chip and circuit board contained in a small plastic case about the size of a thumb, giving rise to the name ThumbDrive.. Also called a memory stick, the tiny drive sports a removable cap under which is a USB connector. The chip inside the USB flash drive does not require power to retain data, so batteries are not needed. The drive gets power from the computer, making the USB flash drive a popular choice for transferring files between computers
Part of what makes the USB flash drive so convenient is also a security risk: the drive is so tiny it is easily lost or misplaced. Information Technology (IT) techs might carry a USB flash drive loaded with networking tools on a lanyard or wrist strap to keep it handy. If security is a concern, consider an encryption program to encode the data on your memory stick. You can buy a USB flash drive with pre-installed security software, or use one of many encryption tools available online.

A USB flash drive weighs next to nothing and is all but impervious to the standard kinds of abuses that might befall a small item like this. It isnt likely to be effected by being dropped or exposed to extreme temperatures. There are even reports of thumb drives surviving the washer and dryer with no apparent harm done and no data lost. While not wise to count on this, it does speak to the products general durability.
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