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Typical temperature sensitivity characteristics
A special feature of the MK1 series is that the switch is a temperature-sensitive switch. In normal operation and loads up to nominal current, self-heating of the switch is extremely low. Therefore the lowering of the switching temperature caused by self-heating will be within the NorminalSwitchingTemperature tolerance.

The Product Sells Point:
◎ Compact & Pressure Stable: Ideal for installation in limited space, very suitable for mounting into and onto windings
◎ Safe, Reliable & Durable: Constant contact pressure over the whole temperature range; Very fast switching, therefore short arcing influence on the contacts
◎ Temperature-sensitive: Reproducible Switching Temperature induced by mechanical unstressed and electrically unloaded bimetal disc
◎ Fast: Excellent thermal coupling induced by a small-scaled, low-weighted switching device
◎ Flexible: Extremely large assortment of lead-wires and solid wires available for connection

Key Specifications/Special Features :
NominalSwitchingTemperature: 60-2000
Tolerance: (+/-)5K
Reset Temperature: 30 +/- 15K
Max. operating voltage: 500VAC 60VDC
Working current(AC:COS#=1.0) :250VAC/2.5A 500VAC/0.75A
Working current(AC:COS#=0.6) :250VAC/1.6A 500VAC/0.5A
Shock resistance 10-60HZ: 100m/s2
Case pressure stability: 450N(45kg)
Insulation voltage: 2KV
Sectional area of lead wire: 0.35mm2

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