Sell MLM-W-N liquid micro-spray system

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The technology of liquid micro-spray system relates generally to the field of wheat, barley, oat and rye as major material to product for animal feed. In order to increase digest efficiency and feed conversion efficiency, certain produce have to add enzyme into animal feed. It will promote animal performance , improving immunity as well as favorable economic benefit. The technology had been widely applied in feed manufacture in all over the world.

At present due to feed produce technology development, the temperature has to be increased, that may influence the stability of some nutrient content such as vitamin, amino acid and enzyme. Enzyme is a kind of protein, which will be destroyed when the produce temperature is increased over the enzyme stable condition. Whereas liquid micro-spray system can emit the enzyme onto animal feed surface a very fine mist after the feed flow out from sizing grizzly, it is not only to protect the enzyme active but also to reduce the phosphoric consumption in feed production so preventing the diseases in an environment responsible way.

Liquid micro-spray system was utilized international advance technology, that is special in emitting the enzyme onto animal feed surface a very fine mist during feed production. The PLC of system can adjust the enzyme adding consumption according to materials flowrate and set adding formula. The primary spare parts all are selected from international famous brand to ensure system can run reliable and accurately measuring.
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