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AWM-830 multiplexer is a digital broadcasting TV system TS stream re-multiplexer. NDS3101 multiplexer combines several single-programs or multiple-programs, which

are compressed, coded, and multiplexed according to customer request by head-end, into single transport stream. Besides, it is also able to interpolate EPG (Electronic Program Guide) , CA (Conditional Access) and digital broadcasting etc. Maximally, it can synchronal multiplex 6 route input code streams, and support

ASI interface. The code rate of input code stream is maximally up to 270Mbps,

while code rate of output code stream is maximally up to 270Mbps. Through

auxiliary data input channel, it can real-time interpolate the data, created by outer SI (Service Information) server, into output code stream, in order to

realize the EPG and digital broadcasting etc. & #118alue-added business. Its dimension

is standard 1U case. By watching the LCD display on the front panel, user can

finish the setting of auto-running of this machine.


l Complying ISO13818 standard.

l Support MPEG-2 transport stream re-multiplexing.

l Multiplexing SPTS and MPTS code stream.

l SDT, NIT table reflection

l Able to connect independent scrambler for scrambling to specified program or service.

l Generating SPI/SI information

l Support PCR adjusting and PID re-reflection

l Able to extract PSI/SI information from any route of SPTS/MTPS inputs

l Support EMM, ECM, EPG information insertion, EPG regenerating

l Able to interpolate data, and re-multiplex and transport any kind of data

l Support statistic multiplex

l Support the cascading connection of several equipments.

l Central net administration, remote updating and maintenance

l LCD display, flexible and user-friendly in operation

High reliability design, stable in running
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AWM-830 Multipexer