Sell MNX2000 Intelligent Low Voltage Switchgear

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MNX low voltage draw-out switchgear, a developed product of our company by absorbing the adsorbing the advanced technology of the same type of products in domestic and abroad and improving them, is a newly on which technology has reached to an international leading rank in the world in the 1990s.
This kind of switchgear, with frequency of 50Hz (AC ) , rated voltage 660V max, rated current up to 4000A, is widely used in power transmission, distribution and controlling net for power distribution, lighting, motor protection and power supply in power plants, substations, works, mining, buildings, hotels, airports, seaports, etc.
MNX switchgear complying to the standard of IEC439 Low-voltage switchgear and Control-gear assemblies and the GB7251 Low-voltage switchgear and Control-gear assemblies, has advantages of excellent reaking capacity, good dynamic stability, newly structure, a reasonable and complete electrical scheme, a serial and applicable design and higher protection degree and is a kind of ideal and renew product.


7 Compact, space saving design, max 36 units.

7 High generalization in structure design and flexibility in made-up the C profiles of sheet steel with 25mm modular interval can meet all of the needs of varied kinds of structures, different protection degrees, operating and environmental conditions.

7 Adoption of standard module design, they can make up a variety of standard units for protection, operating, transferring, controlling, regulating and indication. The user may choose the relevant standard units for assembly according to requirements. Up to more than 200 of structure parts and function modules can make up a variety of structure frames and drawer unit for different schematic requirements.

7 Adopting the high strengthen flame-resisting engineering plastic components, so the reliability and safety protection capacity of the product has been strengthened.

7 High technical characteristics and the main technical data reach a high advanced level.

7 Easy installation and disassembly without any special tools.

7 There is grass door for high degvees of protection


Rated insulation voltage

Rated operating voltage

Max. Operating current of main busbar

Max. operating current of distribution busbar(vertical busbar)
1000AMax. Operating current 1000A

Horizontal busbar
Short time withstand current
50kV (r, m, s 1s)

Intensified types
80kV (r, m, s 1s)

Horizontal busbar
Peak short time withstand current

Intensified types

Vertical busbar

Short time withstand current
50kA 105kA
50kA(r. m. s) 105kA(r. m. s)

Peak withstand current
50kA(r. m. s) 105kA(r. m. s)

Degrees of protection



supply the following documents:
a. All the types of the switchgear including the main circuit scheme number and the supplementary circuit scheme number.
b. The assembly sequence diagrams of the main circuit system.
c. The electric principle diagrams of the auxiliary circuit.
d. The inner cubicle components list.
e. The data of voltage, current, time in circuit.
f. The special requirements not under the normal service condition.