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"Finger Citron" brand Monosodium Glutamate(Gourmet Powder) has 82 years history. It is made from high-grade cereals, consisting of refined Mono-Sodium Glutamate; it is perfectly wholesome and nutritious. It will bring out the full natural flavor of your favorite dishes and render them surprisingly deliciousness. Therefore, it is indispensable to the preparation of all varieties of food and delicacies.

1) bag package:
99% purity, thin: 5kgx3bags, 1000gx10bags, 500gx20bags, 400gx25bags, 200gx50bags
99% purity, thick: 1000gx10bags, 500gx20bags, 250gx40bags, 100gx100bags
80% purity, thin: 1000gx10bags, 500gx20bags, 250gx40bags, 100gx100bags
2) 99% purity, bulk bag: 25 kg/bag
3) Tin package:
99% purity ( thin / thick ) : 2268g / 1134g / 378g / 94.5g
80% purity ( thin / thick ) : 2268g / 1134g / 378g / 94.5g

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