Sell MP rechargeable battery&charger MP818

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Instructions for MP-818 Charger
Input:AC 100-240V 50-60HZ
Output: DC 2.4V 2100mA
1. Product Characteristics:
(1) LED display charging status
(2) For 4pcs AA or 4pcs AAA Ni-Cd/Ni-MH batteries can mixed charge
(3) 5 Safety protection:
1. Time control;
2. Temperature control;
3. Short circuit protection;
4. -△ /V, 0△ /V protection;
5. Discharge function.
(4) Smart indentify reverse polarity charging or defective batteries(LCD flash, stop charging)
(5) Worldwide voltage (AC100-240V)
2. Battery charging time table:

Model 2pcs 4pcs
AAA 800mAh 100minutes 100minutes
AAA 900mAh 120minutes 100minutes
AA 1300mAh 90minutes 100minutes
AA 1800mAh 120minutes 100minutes
AA 2000mAh 140minutes 100minutes
AA 2300mAh 160minutes 100minutes
AA 2500mAh 170minutes 100minutes
3. Usage:
(1) the LED screen will light up once charger connect with power, (when there is no battery in the changer, it will turn off within tow seconds and on symbol on the screen) .
(2) Put batteries into charger according to the correct polarity and channel.
(3) Press Discharg switcher to discharg battery first (as A) .
(4) The LED will indicate CHG for charging, batteries will charged according to the following stages(as B)
(5) The LED will flash Errorand, if defective or un-rechargeable batteries are being charged.
4. Working environment:
Working Temperature 00--400 Storage Temperature -100--500
Working Humidity 35%--95% Storage Humidity 45%--85%
Testing Temperature 2501100 Atmosphere Pressure 70106Mpa
5. Other References:
(1) Size: 129mm/75mm/32mm(L/W/H)
(2) Weight: 129g(without battery)
(3) External appearance
6. Safety Precautions:
(1) Only for AA/AAA, NI-MH/NI-CD rechargeable batteryes. Otherwise cause explosion, personal injury.
(2) Incorrect usage of the charger may cause short-circuit.
(3) Indoors use only. Do not throw into water.
(4) Do not drop or put heavy goods on charger.
(5) Do not disassemble charger.
(6) Children use charger should be under adults guidance.
(7) Using charger environment temperature 0-400.
(8) Do not explosed to high temperature.