Sell MP rechargeable battery & charger MP807A

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MP-807A Charger Mannual
1. Input voltage
1.1 Input voltage:DC 12-24V MAX600MA
1.2 Output voltage: DC4.25V 500-700MA
2. Charging time

Battery model Rapid Trickle charging time
17335/16340Li-ion*1 About 2.5 hours
17335/16340Li-ion*2 About 4 hours
3. Instruction
3.1 Connect the charge with adaptor or car cord, without inserting battery into charge LED indicates green;
3.2 Insert the battery into charge according to correct polarity, LED indicates charging status and in green color;
3.3 When charging finished, LED indicates green.
4. Operating circumstance
4.1 Temperature of control: -20degree---35degree
4.2 Temperature of working:0degree---35degree
5. Notice
5.1 Check battery polarity before charging to avoid reverse charging. Use caution when handing.
5.2 Keep it in dry place; dont throw into fire
5.3 Dont disassemble or reassemble the charger
5.4 The charger and battery may become hot when charging. This is normal.
5.5 For chargeable Li-ion 17335/16340 only.