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Movable electronic hard disc, high-speed USB port supporting music formats of MP3 and WMA, Built-in dictionary, supporting portable search function, 250 thousand lyric vocabulary, world advanced technology, supporting download of E-book in normal formats, huge memory, large-screen scanning, LCD blue background light display, adjustable display contrast and background. FM radio receiver adjustable to more than 10 bands. Classified word learning, strong dynamic voice repeating. Adopting super stable JAZZ, CLASSIC , ROCK, POP and NORMAL music effects, dot matrix , A-grade FLASH chip, extra safe data memory, multi-level wave filter decoding chip, filtration noise impurity. Light startup time, supporting WINDOWS98/Me/2000/XP, no drive program is required in systems beyond Win98. Adopting advanced international nanometer technology, large nanometer screen design, anti-scribing and wear resistant.

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