Sell MP3 868-E3

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Product Introduce:
1 Support MP3, ASF, WMA & WAV format music.
2 Support MTV format music .
3 Recording function
4 FM stereo radio receiving and inner recording
5 Portable hard disc
6 Repeat function
7 Seven EQ models: Jazz, Classic, Rock, Bass, Popular, Soft , Normal
8 Play models: sequence, random, single repeat, totally repeat, random repeat totally,
10 second preview
9 65K colour OLED Display
10 USB 1.1 port
11 Support simple and old Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, European
12 Lyric synchro display
13 30 class volume adjustment
14 EMS: 128M/256M/512M/1G flash memory
15 Play time: over 9 hours