Sell MP3 PLAYER 262

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specification of MP3 PLAYER 262

 File support: MPEG 1/2 layer3 WMA. WMV. ASF. WAV.

 No driver installation required. (Except Windows 98)

 Lyric Synchronization.

 Supporting 8 languages. (Simplified Chinese/TraditionalChinese/English/French/German/Italian/Portuguese and Spanish)

 Internal FM stereo radio(87.5MHz~108MHz)

 128MB/256MB/512MB Memory Storage for Audio Tracks or Data File

 Compatible wi. th USB specification revision 1.1 .

 128x32 Graphic LCD with blue EL backlight.

 A-B Segment reread.


 Playing modes supported: NOR/ALL/ONE/INT.

 Battery life: more than 8 hours with one AAA alkaline battery