MP3 PLAYER OSC-042M You May Also Be Interested In: auto radio
We produde and sell mp3 player in 128mb, 256mb, 512mb and usb flash disk from 16mb to 1GB, welcome to contact us.
1) Shell color: White, Black.
2) Memory: 128MB, 256MB, 512MB,1GB.
3) 1.5" LCD screen, real colored, video and audio.
4) The DMV film showing function, appreciates film , MTV and video English whenever and wherever possible
5) Electronic album function, can download and have a look around from the photo
6) FM function: 87.5-108MH, auto- radio, can keep 20 channels in it. and internal Recording.
7) Voice recording function
8) Languages: Chinese simple, Chinese traditional, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Germany, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Czech, Danmark, Polish, Thai, Russian, Hungarian.
9) E-book function.
10) Support hardware upgrade.
11) Built-in circuit-protection polymer lithium battery. .
12) ID-3 Function: Show the lyrics while playing.
13) Support MP3, MPEG I/II Layer 2/3 Windows Media Audio (WMA) formats.
14) Size: 40W89W7.8mm
15) Accessories: User's Manual, USB Cable, Drive CD, Earphone.
16) Quality/Safety Certifications: FCC, CE
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