we are making promote on some MP3 items in very low price as below. See the specification and photo as per attached for your ref. Please let us know if you are interesting to order it.
MP2200LD - 128M
MP12300LD - 128M
MP12500LD - 128M
MP12700 - 128M
MP12800 - 128M

Price : USD42/pc FOB H. K.
Min order : 500 pcs/item
Product with CE & FCC certificate

New design mould of MP3 offer MP12900LM - photo as per attached
Price : USD52/pc FOB H. K. (128M)
Price : USD72/pc FOB H. K. (256M)
MOQ: 3,000 pcs
(remark: for new design mould, MOQ 3,000 pcs and you can get the pattern)