Sell MP3 Player

MP3 Player
1) LCD132 x 32 display, support ID3
2) Direct USB port connect with computer
3) 7 color back light, back light time and color can be set
4) Support MP3 and WMA music format
5) Song name and lyrics display synchronously
6) Languages: Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, German, French,
Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Czech, Dutch, Portuguese, Denmark, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Korean
7) USB2.0 disk
8) E. Q. modes: nor, rock, pop, class, soft, jazz, DBB
9) Repeat modes: normal, repeat one, repeat all, folder, repeat folder, random, intro
10) Recording from MIC and inner FM radio
11) Support A-B repeat and follow read
12) Tempo rate: can be set at 16 levels
13) Lock by "hold" key
14) No driver need for Win2000 or above
15) Inner FM radio (optional)
16) Play back 10 hours with 1 AAA battery
17) Capacity of built-in flash memory: 64MB-1GB