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Mass Portable USB memory and high speed transfer
You can upload/download quickly and conveniently from the Windows explorer, you don't need other programs (above Window 98)
OLED Screen, Multi-screen protecting pictures
-Multi decode player
- Support the music file such as MP1.2.3, WMA, ASF, WAV etc.
-Digital record/repeat
-Can record through Mike and save as WAV and ACT files, can select fragment repeat or comparable repeat, realize the real digital repeat function
-Support multi languages, display the song information, display synchronous simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English song words
-FM stereoscopic receiver and record
- Auto search station and preset function, can receive the ordinary station, and save or record the favorable station
-Multi sound effect mode
You can shift between the 7 equilibria mode, such as nature, rock, popular, classic, soft, jazz, bass
-Disk management
Use the random attached tool, may divide the self disk into two disks, encrypt one disk and hide the space. Make the content of encrypted part not be read or written by others

Technical Spec.
Double color OLED Screen: Illustration(128X64) 4 lines of words
Support languages: Chinese(simple) /English/Japanese/Korea/French/German/Italy/Holand/Portugal/Spanish/
Thailand/ Russian
Data speed: USB2.0
Support the music format: MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WMV, ASF, WAV
Record: ACT, WAV
FM frequency range: 76MHz96MHz/87MHz108MHz
Signal to noise ratio: 85dB
The maximum output power (L) 10mW+(R)10mW (320hm)
Store medium Media embed Flash EMS memory: 128MB/256MB/512MB/1024MB
Power supply:lithium battery 3.6V
The battery can support the MP3 playing: 7 hours, voice recording: 8 hours
FM receiver: 8 hours
The system supports WINSE/ME/2K/XP, Mac OS 10, Linux2.4.2 and WIN98(need the installation program)
Attachment: User manual, earphone, adaptor, USB cable, install CD disk
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
20,000 Units Per Month
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
200 pcs