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Movie playing function
1.5 inch CSTN screen
Supports E-book function
Supports MP3, WMA
Supports FM

Technical Specifications

 Screen : 1.5 inch CSTN screen
 Supports MP3, WMA, ASF and WMV formats
 MTV and movie playing
 Various EQ modes, repeat modes and replay modes
 With digital FM radio
 Supports Lyric display
 With E-book function, which can make you ready electronic book anywhere
 Supports photo browsing, can skim the photos took by its camera and download from PC
 Assembled by machine, with shake-proof function
 Multi languages display (Chinese, English, Germany, French, Italian, Japanese and Korean)
 Rechargeable battery, 1 time (2 hours) can keep playing for 8-10 hours (maximally 800 times)
 Supports fine recording as long as 60 hours
 Build-in Li battery
 FM radio (optional)
 FM signal to voice radio : 90db
 Output frequency range : 20Hz ~ 20KHz
 Support capability :256M/512M/1GB/2GB
 USB1.1 full speed
 EQ mode : NOR, Class, POP, ROCK, JAZZ, DBB
 Firmware upgrading
 Playing time : standard time 5 hours
 Size : 90x41x16mm
 Weight :20g