Sell MP3 Watch (MW-701)

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Product Description
1. Pop, newest, convenience
2. Inner microphone, high-quality recorder, and AB repeat
3. Support MP3 and WMA format
4. Memory: 64MB ~ 1024MB
5. USB changeable
6. Auto check power supply and battery
7. Li-ion battery, 8-10h continue play after 3hours charge
8. USB suit for computer, and download data
9. Three color light(red, green and yellow) show MP3 playing, record and charge.
10. A-step chips, supports 1m times read.
11. Shock proof, static proof and waterproof. Accurate timer
12. Japan watch chips, the life of battery abv 2years
13. Normally charger
14. USB move memory, you can get information anywhere
15. 5-equalizer modes: Normal, Rock, Jazz, Classic and Pop