Sell MP3 player

MP3 player
Main features:
1.12 constellations design on the mp3 player, special colours fit different constellations, Good stylish design, more fashionably.
2. support various modes of audio frequency, Such as MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, ASF, WAV ,
3. FM high fidelity radio
4. Strong and big automatic manhunt broadcasting station of 40 different frequencies (20 in one) , make you relaxed to the program
5. Upgrade firmware of the product function
6. You can download last firmware from the web of company, come true enlarging of function.
7. Telephone book function, Bigger space of storage, more convenience for you contacts the friends.
8. Electronic book function, You can read articles make use of the function.
9. Not need to drive the USB dish function and Encrypt the dish mode
10. recording/reply to read, turn off the player timely
11. Blanced machine in 7 kinds of tone color, types of play mode
12. Standard Li-ion battery with protection circuit inside.
13. All cartoon listanimation menu that keep the view, match with the homologous writing elucidation, you can easily use it