Sell MP3 recording pen

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1. MP3 pen has function of both ordinary pen MP3 player(writing, music play, recording and so on) ,
it is very convenient to write and enjoy the music at the same time
2. Supports MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WMV, ASF, the WAV music form
3. USB standard port
4. 7 kinds of sound effect: Standard, rock and roll, popular, classical, gentle, knight, heavy bass
5. A-B retake course function
6. Big capacity:optional from 32M to 1G
7. Ultra long time digital recording function (128M space may record for 35 hours) , support recording during recharging
8. Support firmware update function
9. Fit in high performance chargeable lithium battery, long time play for 8 hours after full recharging
10. Four pressed key compound uses, operation simple
11. Dual color LED working indications
12. Support charge on computer by USB or charger