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All frequency transmitters carrying mp3 in Courseware Facture
. product description :
(full-screen LCD display, with temperature, time zone, Automatic shutdown protection) , if you
had any new ordinary MP3 player (of course, MD/CD/VCD/DVD portable music can be arbitrary) . plus
you have to buy a stereo MP3 transmitters, we can immediately have an MP3 audio system for a
vehicle, MP3HI-F1 or family, or have a portable stereo radio, the absolute value for money. MP3
stereo transmitter product characteristics and use :
>>1 : Audio signals can be converted to any FM signal to any FM radio transmission audio
broadcast system, did not have to do any modification; motor vehicle use of FM radio frequencies
to set an arbitrary reference value FM88.0-FM108.00 adjust stereo MP3 transmitters to the same
frequency identification value. Or a MP3 stereo FM radio transmitters to automatically search
frequency identification can listen to the MP3 Player touching Music music; HI-FI put the home
use of the FM radio frequency to set the scope FM88.0-FM108.00 arbitrary value, MP3 stereo
transmitter adjustments to the same frequency identification value. Or the use of HI-FI MP3
stereo FM radio transmitters to automatically search frequency can be labeled;
>>2 : product configuration design compact, fashionable fancy and full fidelity stereo sound
quality, sound quality can be achieved MP3, MD
>>3 : laser discs and high cost-effectiveness of television, so you have a place they can call
their own FM radio. It can also allow the use of
a vehicle in the vicinity of a few cars while receiving their MP3 audio FM radio signal; home
also can be used to broadcast their FM radio receivers in the MP3 audio;
>>4 : PLL technology. FM signal transmission to ensure stability,
. the greatest distance of 20
meters, guarantee you in the car or the room can fully enjoy the complete HI-FI Music;
. effective range of current work : 30m :
. operate current: 25 mA
. channel isolation : 72DB :
. frequency band launched : FM88.0-FM108.00 , may choose from : 20-15000hz frequency response frequency regulation :
. Fm :PLL
. Power: AAA batteries-2pcs.
>> advantages:
1) :broadcast in more than 12 hours; or by cars full-Link ejection device can be directly connected to the car's 12V. MP3 equipment to broadcast the same time recharging.
2) : blue backlight, liquid crystal display, they can always adjust the frequency and can lock in 10 common channel
3) : with the temperature and clock functions
4) : timbre results show up to 80 decibels, firing distance of 10 meters