Sell MP4 (260K colors, 1.8” CSTN)

MP4 (260K colors, 1.8” CSTN)
 1.8 CSTN screen display of 260K colors
 Support MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WMA, ASF, WAV format play
 MTV AMV farmat movie playing function
 Support JPG picture browse
 Configuration one speaker
 Super speed adjusting feature, 16 speed levels are alternative
 Built-in FM radio, FM radios records
 Visual graphic user interface (GUI)
 USB2.0 transference
 A-B repeat, following, Contrast function
 TXT file read
 Seven EQ mod
 Supports senior to Windows98, Windows 2000, xp , Mac OS 10.3 systems and Linux kernel 2.4.2, drive procedure is not needed