Sell MP4 Player SM618

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Model No. :SM618

Basic Features:
1, Format: MP3, WMA, MTV, Etc.
2, Display: 1.5/1.8 inch 65k colors LCD
3, Tele. book function, lyric synchronous display, A-B repeat
4, Built-in FM radio (87.5-108.0MHz)
5, 13 languages selection, 7 EQ modes
6, Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery, 6 hours playing time
7, Long time digital voice recording
8, Supports firmware upgradeable
9, No Driver Required, Except Windows 98SE
10, Flash memory: 128M/256M/512M/1G/2G optional
11, Available colors: black, white.

1. Size:53(L) *57(W) *12(H) mm
2. Weight:26g
3. USB port:USB 2.0 full speed
4. SNT:92.8dB
5. THD:-56db
6. Phone output:5mw+5mw
7. Power consumer:50mw
8. Disk read/write speed:970k bytes/sec, 546k bytes/sec

1, one earphone
2, one USB Cable
3, one AC/DC charger
4, one CD Driver
5, one User Manual
6, skin cover(optional) (colors:white, pink, black, green)
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