Sell MP4 Player

MP4 Player
Main features

 Good stylish design, and vivid face

 support several formats, MP3, WMA, ASF, WAV , OGG

 support JPG pictures and AMV movies.

 Upgrade firmware of the product function

 You can download new firmware from the web of company, come true enlarging of function.

 FM high fidelity radio, strong and big automatic manhunt broadcasting station of 40 different frequencies (20 in one) , make you relaxed to the program

 Browse picture function and Electronic book function

 Support one games

 Windows 98/ME/2000/XP(Windows ME/2000/XP over WIN 98 need not driver)

 recording/reply to read, can pass the microphone recording and keep to WAV and ACT speech text file of the format, the eligibility chooses the part replies to read or contrast to reply to read

 types of play mode, general mode, repeat one, folder, repeat in catalogue, repeat all, random, preview

 Turn off the player timely, you can set sleeping mode and saving electricity mode, from which you can use as easily as possible