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1) Fashion design aesthetically sophisticated designs suitable handle

2) Support multiple audio formats such as MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WMV, WAV and other audio formats.

3) Firmware upgrade function on the website to provide the latest escalation of downloading software. Realization of the machine functional expansion

4) FM stereo radio station powerful search function can be stored 30 different radio frequency, allows you to easily listen to radio programs

5) Recorded within a function to listen to radio programs at the same time, your favorite recording of a radio program recording documents.

6) U-disk drive without functional management procedures, directly through the "My Computer", "Mobile Disk" operation documents, WIN2000 over the system without having to install drivers.

7) Recording through a microphone for recording and preserving WAV and MP3 files of voice, high-quality recording option, long recording, voice quality, long-time voice of four models.

8) Timbre equalizer ordinary, rock, classical, pop, jazz, bass, (EQ-defined sound field)

9) A rate adjustment broadcast times, 1.14 times and 1.33 times, 0.67 times and 0.8 times.

10) Not many playback mode cycle, a song cycle broadcast directory, directory inner loop, all circle, all random, Contents within random.

11) Timed Shutdown: automatic shutdown, not to broadcast shutdown.

12) The whole menu animation visual animation menu, with the corresponding text, using them handy!

13) Formatting players without connecting computer relaxed format.