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1.8-inch high-definition TFT color display; Send to function with
If support for a variety of audio formats : MP3, conjecture, OGG, WMV, ASF, WAV.
Support JPG, BMP, GIF photo browsing function
Creative AMV HDTV Video
High Speed USB2.0 function, high-capacity disk-copy documents quickly become relaxed
AMV movies full-screen broadcast images more clearly the ways
Music player list on the realization of the Gospel is critical users
Firmware upgrade function on its website to provide the latest software upgrade download; The realization of the functional expansion
FM stereo radio stations powerful search function automatically or manually search Attention
Seven colors balanced natural, rock, pop, classical, soft, jazz, heavy bass
Broadcast a variety of modes : normal mode, curved cycle broadcast catalog, catalog circulation, then broadcast to browse broadcast. Animation entire menu, with the corresponding text shown that with high proficiency
"Show in" disk model was incidental use tools can be divided into two disks of the disk plane, and one of encryption, hidden space, preserved in the encrypted part of the contents are not outsiders see and read and write

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