Sell MPEG-4 Hardware compression DVR Card

MPEG-4 Hardware compression DVR Card You May Also Be Interested In: compression dvr card hardware compression card hardware compression dvr hardware compression dvr card hardware dvr card
- 8 channel per card
- 30 FPS per channel for view & playback
- 1 channel audio input
- GPIO: 4in 3out per card
- support up to 16 audio inputs per system
- support up to 16 channels per system
- MPEG-4 Hardware compression

-1,4,9,10,13,16,17 splits screen display.
-Always recording. Scheduled recording and motion recording.
-Camera brightness, hue, saturation, contrast adjustable.
-Monitoring, searching, remote, control, recording, multi task simultaneously.
-2,4,6,8,10*speed multi channel playback with time, date, event search.
-Remote view and record via TCP/IP, IE.
-Record in FIFO sequence (First In First Out) .
-E-mail, phone, mobile phone event notification.
-Image popup when motion.
-Fast dome control.
-Audio support
-8 sets GPIO (optional) .
-Back up files with date and time to HDD.
-DVD, CDR, CDRW, DAT, Remote Server.
-Images printing.
Resolution up to 720 x 480

Unique features
-16 channel playback simultaneously(same date and time) .
-15 seconds approx e-mail attachment event notification.
-Auto alarm due disconnection.
-Fast dome control via IE.
-Digital water mark.
-Up to 30 user id with levels authorization.
-Record in FIFO sequence (First In First Out) .
-Remote monitoring, playback, save, snapshot, setup.
-Remote view up to 8 different IP simultaneously.
-Pre record up to 10 seconds, post record up to 300 seconds when event.
-Auto pop event image with auto splits screen on host.
-High network transmission speed.
-Playback with Audio
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