Sell MPEG4 DVD-2

The DVD video recorder is 1 kind to gather to broadcast, engrave to record etc. is various multi-function in whole body, and ability and numerical equipmentses such as digital camera and camera etc. the function strong family video amusement center that unite with each other completely. In the meantime, this kind of DVD video recorder can also television program, movie program, shoot to be like head, projector, digital camera, figures camera or camera to shoot to make of image, the video information of MP3, MP4, U dish through a high quality ground engrave to record in the hard drive or can wipe to write a DVD CD after compressing up, and use in brief, the function is dependable, would never take place the phenomenon of cassette tape.

In addition to canning replace traditional video recorder completely, the DVD engraved to record machine function to once have it more but all and, the appearance quality vegetable can even raise consumedly, a DVD can once record image thousand times, drawing qualities will not descend!