Sell MR-1624 DVR Card with magic radar software5.1

MR-1624 DVR Card with magic radar software5.1 You May Also Be Interested In: input type radar rca jack
$Single card 16CH video input
$MPEG4/h.264 compressed format
$Display rate: 400FPS/480FPS (PAL/NTSC)
$Operation system: Windows 2K/XP
Model MR-1624
Input Type D-TYPE DB15*2
Video input 16CH
Audio input 4CH
Display rate 400fps/480fps(PAL/NTSC)
Record rate 200fps/240fps(PAL/NTSC)
Video resolution PAL: 704*576 704*288
Compression format MPEG-4; H.264
TV output RCA jack
Product function
Display mode Multi-frame decollate mode, 1/4/7/9/11/13/16 frame random switch
Image adjustment Picture of each frame can be adjusted autonomously, color/contrast ration/
Luminance can also be adjusted
Video replay Support display and replay of multi-frame simultaneously, be provided with
Electronic amplification function
Retrieval mode Video data can be retrieved according to came/date/event
Alarm function 16 route alarm input and 8 route alarm output, also alarm linkage function
PTZ control Manifold telecommunication protocol, full location control and automatic
Navigation, Be provided with function of focusing/aperture/times witch etc
Network function IE browse function, supporting network transmission protocol
Language Simplified Chinese/complicate Chinese/English etc
System demand
Operation system Windows 2K/XP
Processor Pentium 4 3.0GHZ
Memory card 512MB (lowest demand)
Display adjuster ATI pro series(lowest demand)
DirectX Above 9.0X