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Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting(CCFL)
Cold cathode fluorescent bulbs operate at a much higher voltage and lower current than conventional fluorescent lamps. The higher voltage overcomes the need to heat the tube while the lower arc current greatly extends the life of the discharge electrodes.
Dispensing with the wasteful heated electrodes allows high efficiency to be achieved in a small lamp. Cold cathode lamps are typically ten to 30 percent more efficient than a comparable hot cathode fluorescent lamp.
Cold cathode lights have a life expectancy more than twice that of typical compact fluorescent lamps and do not suffer accelerated degradation with variations in supply voltage.
Product Specification :
MR16 fluorescent reflector bulb, Name: CFL-MR16-2SP5

1. Tube diameter: 7/9;
2. Base: E27/GU10/MR16;
3. Power: 3W-13W;
4. Voltage: 110V/220V;
5. Material: Tricolor-powder+ PBT/PC;
6. Life span: 8000hrs;
7. Ra: >=80;
8. Temperature: 2700K - 6400K;
9. Package: Color box, 50CS/CTN.
10. High luminous efficiency, long lifetime, economical and practical striking energy saving effect;
11. Good substitute for the incandescent in all situation.
12. Applications: Residences, offices, restaurants, hotels, shops.