Sell MS Series Electric Motor

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Product Name: Electric Motor
Model: MS Series ( Aluminium Housing )
Phase: Three

MS series aluminum housing three-phase asynchronous motors, with latest design in entirety, are made of selected quality materials and conform to the IEC standard. MS motors have good performance, safety and reliable operation, nice appearance, and can be maintained very conveniently, while with low noise , little vibration, light weight and simple construction. These series motors can be used for general drive.

Technical Data

Pole: 2
Model Power
MS631-2 0.18KW
MS632-2 0.25KW
MS711-2 0.37KW
MS712-2 0.55KW
MS801-2 0.75KW
MS802-2 1.1KW

Pole: 4
Model Power
MS631-4 0.12KW
MS632-4 0.18KW
MS711-4 0.25KW
MS712-4 0.37KW
MS801-4 0.55KW
MS802-4 0.75KW
MS90S-4 1.1KW
MS90L-4 1.5KW