Sell MT-9000C fetal monitor

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MT-9000C fetal monitor
Be applicable to person, child and baby's infant
Adopt the famous brand heart electricity, blood pressure, blood oxygen mold piece, accuracy of the world high, repetition good
Colorful big screen, solid the hour holds the fast manifestation heart electric wave form, VPC wave form together, breath a form and vein rate curve
All lead to chat the heart electricity to serve as guardian,20 kinds of heart rates disorder a form auto analysis
Be willing to have the sketch congelation, the information a form back to put, the trend row form and report to the police the function, can save to amount to more than 600 set datas more
Can circumscribe the printer exportation medical history report
Three kinds of blood pressures measure the mode:Move, auto(0-240) minute, consecution
Anti- in addition to high 频 of defibrillation , anti- electricity knife, can rise with cardiac pacemaker at the same time to use
In general use and flat-bed design, can upgrade for the central guardianship system of Bs SD-900s

Technique specification
Serve as guardian the instrument safety
The guardianship SD-9000 instrument match- related standard of standard of GB9706 and IEC60601 clans

Serve as guardian the instrument size and weights
Electric appliances specification:The 100-250 V exchanges,50 Hzs/60 Hzs
Apply the scope:Become the person, child, new born

Serve as guardian the instrument function
Manifestation:12.1 colorful TFTs show that most show 4 forms, explain the rate 640 x480s
Language choice:Medium/ English
Connect:Circumscribe the display of VGA connects, the double holds to show the function
Trend observation:72 hours trend chart
Report to the police:Have up, bottom the limit reports to the police the function, the voice, light is dual to report to the police
Record the instrument:Inside place, a type( choose to go together with)

the importation of Lead :Five line of LEAD LA, RL, LL, V
the method of Lead :I, II, III, avR, avL, avF, V, MCL1
Scan the speed:12.5/25/50mm/s
Serve as guardian the way:Examine a patient( DIA) :0.05 - 100Hz
Serve as guardian( MON) :0.5 - 40Hz
Surgical operation( OPR) :1 - 25Hz
Heart rate scope:30 - 300bpm
Accuracy:+-1 bpm or 2%
Heart the electricity settles the mark:1mv
The work mode:Examine a patient, serve as guardian, surgical operation
The heart rate report to the police:Have
A monitor:Have

Way:Resistance method of RA- LL
Report to the police:Have
Measure the scope:0-99bpm
Measure the accuracy+-2 bpms

Did not create the blood pressure
Measure the way:The contrary type measure, moves, auto
Patient's classification:Become the person, child, new born
Measure the scope:30 - 240mmHg
Measure the accuracy:+-3%
Partition time:1min - 60min
The 袖 takes the spirit of 充 :Become person's 80-300 mmHgs
Child's 75-200 mmHgs

Blood oxygen saturation degree
Measure the scope:0-100%
Measure the accuracy:+-2%(80-1--%)
Explain the rate:1%
The vein rate measures and reports to the police the scope:0-255bpm
A form of thepulse :Provide the auto increases a form of the benefit control blood capacity

Body temperature
Measure the scope:25-45oC
Measure the accuracy:+-0.2oC

Function SD-9000 characteristics
The colorful LCD LCD show that the picture is clear, having no radiation
Inside place the storage battery, hand over, direct current
Inside place the printer,72 hours, the trend data records the 忆 , a form of dynamic state catch, returns to put, print
All lead heart electricity guardianship, solid hour ST segment auto analysis
Be willing to defend the defibrillation nd the anti- high frequency electric power interference abilities, adapt various 监 bed environment
Face to the future upgrade terrace, can link central serve as guardian and long range supervision
Used for the Medicine, surgery, operating room, ICU/ CCU etc. organization extensively