Sell MTU series generating set

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A, PRAMAC (speeding horse) the company introduces

The PRAMAC Group is one is engaged in the multiplex management the Multinational corporation, is world one of five big power set producers, the headquarters located at the Italian Siena city, mainly produce 1KVA-2000KVA many kinds of specifications the power sets, is Europe one of three big power set manufacturers.

The PRAMAC Group 's three big main factories respectively be are located at Spanish south Torre Pacheco the GMI factory, main production take German Deutz (Deutz) engine as driving force diesel dynamo; Located at France's Lifter main production small gasoline, diesel dynamo, like Honda, foreign horse, Lu Geri engine units and so on Nepal; Runs quickly the MTU located at the Italian Laser Factory main production by Germany, engine's and so on Sweden Volvo penta diesel dynamos. Speeding horse group all generators use Italy's US and Austria (Meccalte) or British Standford (Stamford) , all products strictly according to ISO8528 and ISO3046 and so on international standard production, adopted the ISO9001 quality authentication system.

B, Supplies goods the standard layout
The power set includes:
The engine (belt complete appendix, three filter, electrical system)
Radiator (ventilator, water tank)
Alternator hand control box
Power circuit breaker chassis
Above each fits out a body
2, Sending out
Power set: Silencer, exhaust elbow, corrugated pipe and so on
Accumulator cell and battery ties absorption of shock cushion
A stochastic technical paper set
3, May select
Automatic control box
Cold starting auxiliary unit
Automaticswitching cabinet
And machine installment
Water jacket pre-heater
The generator goes to the tide
Heat interchanger
Each kind of monitor project
Centralism long-distance supervisory system
Fuel oil tank
4, Other special dispositions
Low noise unit
Trailer power plant
Container power plant
Thermoelectricity combination unit