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VIDHATA Multi-crop Threshers are capable of running with Electric Motor as well as Diesel Engine and are compatible with tractor from 2 HP to 40 HP. These threshers are suitable for threshing crops like wheat, maize, sorghum, grains, sunflower, ragi, millets, mustard & pulses etc.

VIDHATA Multi-crop Threshers consists of crop feeding chute, threshing cylinder having stud type beaters/ blades blowers, set of sieves, sieve casing, flywheel, pulleys, main shaft high quality bearings, grain and straw outlet etc. Different variants available for these threshers are - self-feeding chute, double blower, double speed, etc.

Beater studs separate the grains and the blades of the threshing cylinder. Chaff and dust, along with other impurities are winnowed away by the blower. The clear grain is collected through sieves, which are changeable depending on the crop to be threshed. Extra fan cleans the grains. Special worm attachment is fixed to grain outlet, to collect grains in tractor trolley.

DRUM SIZE 5H. P 14" X 27 ", 7.5 H. P16"X30"
Salient Features
Robust Construction

50% extra output then other threshers

High quality material like steel, bearings, pulleys, V-belts etc

Provision of adjusting the cylinder and concave.

Provision of wheels for easy transportation.

Provision for speed variation for different crops

Extra safety covers are provided over pulleys, flywheel. V-belts to avoid any accident.

More efficiency resulting in better performance in less fuel consumption.

Stringently inspected components by the qualified engineers before fitment.

Brand Name
Power Requirements
5 H.P