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This is to inform you that we manufacturer agriculture machinery Multicrop Threshers
Axial Flow Thresher/Sheller
High Output:Upto 1.5ton/hr, when threshing paddy
Low Hourse Power Requirement: 12/13 Diesel engine
Low Lobor requirement : 3-4 men to feed
Ease of operation: Simple Straightforword design, easy to operate and maintain
Highly Mobile : Can be pulled by either power tiller, Light vehicle, or animal
Versatile: Aside from rice, can thresh wheat & shell corn
The specially designed threshing drum for this multi-crop thresher makes it best suitable for soyabena crop.
ISI Mark for Safety.
Threshing system consists of the threshing rotor, grill & separating sieve.
Function: - Removal of the Grains from the ears, pods etc. without damaging the grain & separating grain from straw. Straw is broken into small pieces & discharged through main blower & grain is collected in bags through eccentric vibrating sieve.
Thresher can be drive by electric motor of 7.5 HP/1440 RPM or diesel engine of 6 HP/ 7.1 HP/ 8 HP

Tractor operated threshers also available with PTO shaft arrangement with required power of 20 and 25 H. P

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